Endpoint Security: Protect Your Business and Your Clients

Oftentimes, businesses remotely connect their computer networks to their clients’ devices. These devices include laptops and cellphones. By connecting these devices to corporate networks, paths are created that allow for security threats. Endpoint Security protects devices from unauthorized access.  Endpoint security software uses encryption techniques to control security by monitoring and blocking certain activities onContinue reading “Endpoint Security: Protect Your Business and Your Clients”


OVERVIEW During the COVID-19 pandemic, hedge fund employees were forced to work from home. This new normal created new challenges for hedge funds looking to prevent and monitor insider trading risk. Insider trading refers to purchasing or selling securities while in possession of material non-public information concerning such securities, or tipping such information, where theContinue reading “INSIDER TRADING & EMPLOYEE PRIVACY DURING COVID-19”

Who Regulates Whom? An Overview of the U.S. Privacy Regulatory Framework

Introduction In the United-States, both federal and state legislators have enacted privacy and security laws. While the Constitution does not contain the word privacy, the Supreme Courts has recognized individual privacy rights over personal issues. State Constitutions may – or may not – provide residents with stronger privacy rights than are provided by the Constitution.Continue reading “Who Regulates Whom? An Overview of the U.S. Privacy Regulatory Framework”