Appolo Compliance collaborates with clients to support the ongoing maturity of their data privacy programs to comply with domestic, international and industry standards.

We offer flat fees, monthly retainers, and one rate hourly pricing. On every project, our goal is to find the right pricing structure to align our incentives with your success.

Our packaged services provide scalable compliance options.

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Privacy Policy
Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
Monthly Retainer
  • Privacy Program Support
  • Unlimited Telephone and Email Consulting
  • Compliance Manual Support
  • Review of Policies, Procedures, and Compliance Documents

Privacy Program Support

Compliance Program Development

As data privacy regulations evolve, we help keep your privacy program in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Data Privacy Program Management

Outsource day-to-day compliance tasks to us. Our privacy professionals can manage your privacy program.